About Us:

Empowering our learners with Recycled Computers


Forest Town School is a Special Needs School, (Physically and Cognitively Challenged) mostly from disadvantaged backgrounds. Currently a select few are enrolled under our Work Experience Program (WEP), which provides various skill development learning courses.

Under our new WEP@WORK program, we have created an initiative whereby these learners who have been skilled and trained in Computer Hardware Awareness, will be able to build-up previously redundant computers. These recycled computers will be offered to our senior learners for them to take home. This will provide them with an opportunity to learn and keep up with the never ending World of IT.


·         The Graduates of WEP, who are able to rebuild and improve these Computers, will gain invaluable experience, team building, communication skills which can only improve their self-worth and confidence. This may even enable them to one day find employment in the real world.

·         Creating an environment at school where each learner over the age of 17 years is presented with a Refurbished Computer. This will unquestionably improve the level of Computer Competency among our learners at Forest Town School.


Our appeal is for you to donate your redundant computers, not older than 3 - 5 years. We are urging you to use Recycle@Work, an Enterprise of WEP@WORK as your preferred E-Waste outlet.

These computers will be tested, serviced, upgraded if required and thus given a new lease of life, allowing each recipient the opportunity to become better educated. A schematic plan of action is attached below.


We would be eternally grateful if you were to consider our proposal.

Your waste could become our future.

Yours in Recycling

Ronalda Lucas
Deputy Principal Forest Town School
Justin Jones
IT Development


              With your donation, our lives at FTSchool can only improve….